The air inside your car is only as clean as the exhaust from the car in front

Most people know that air pollution levels can be high beside roads, but few realise that they are often far worse inside vehicles themselves. This is because gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone, and particulate matter (PM2.5/10) from the exhaust of the car in front, is drawn in to a cabin and circulates a toxic mix of chemicals inside a relatively small space. Our own research has shown that the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide can be 20x over the WHO limit, impacting our health and especially the health of children. While some cars have effective particle (HEPA) filters, there is currently no technology to effectively protect against gases or pollution coming in through an open window.

Until the Airbubbl.

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The Airbubbl is the first effective technology that removes gases and all other pollutants from inside vehicles.

After 10 years of atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering research at Airlabs, we have created the first proven technology (what we call re-engineered nano carbon) that remove gases, particulates, odours and VOC's from polluted air.  With the Airbubbl, we have adapted this technology to fit inside your car. Designed to go around your headrest, the Airbubbl draws in polluted air circulating inside your car, before cleaning it of pollutants, and then releasing clean air back to you and your passengers using its advanced airflow design. READ MORE HERE.

The Airbubbl has just been successfully funded on Kickstarter but you can pre-order now!

How it works

How it works...

The Airbubbl draws in polluted air from inside the cabin into Airlabs’ proprietary re-engineered nano carbon filter, before removing over 95% of the pollutants in the air and releasing clean air directly back to the driver and passengers through specially designed air flow outlets.

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Effectiveness & Speed

The Airbubbl is the most effective in-car device in the world. It is the first product that removes significant levels of gases from the air (over 95% of  NO2 and Ozone). It has also been proven through independent testing to reduce pollution concentrations inside the car by over 90% within 10 minutes.



People First

Using advanced air flow modelling, the Airbubbl has been optimally designed to deliver clean air directly back to the driver and passengers airways.

We have dedicated years to researching and developing technology to create clean air zones in cities. When our research showed just how harmful levels of pollution were inside a car, and with Airlabs having the only proven technology to tackle them, we knew we had a duty to develop the Airbubbl.
— Sophie Power - Airlabs Co-founder