Airbubbl: Creating the first pollution free zone in your car 

The Airbubbl is the first proven technology that removes Nitrogen Dioxide and all other pollution from inside cars. It creates a bubble of clean air inside your car that protects you and your family from toxic air pollution that comes through your air inlets, especially from other vehicles' diesel emissions.

The Airbubbl is the first consumer product from Airlabs, a team dedicated reducing people’s exposure to harmful air pollutants. The Airbubbl draws air in through our proprietary re-engineered nano carbon filter, before effectively delivering clean air to you and your passengers to breathe.


Air: The Problem in Your Car


The air inside your car is only as clean as the exhaust from the car in front. Your air conditioning doesn't remove pollution - it brings it into your car!

Air circulating inside your car is often worse than the air on the street! Your car's air intake is directly behind the car in front's exhaust pipe, meaning that dirty air from cars, buses, vans and taxis is being sucked into yours.

Even with windows closed and the air conditioning on, you're still not safe in your car. While many cabin air filters remove small particles, they do not remove Nitrogen Dioxide and other harmful gases, primarily coming from diesel emissions. The air inside your car is therefore detrimental to your health and especially the health of your children. 

The Airbubbl: The First Effective Solution


The Airbubbl is the world's first effective way to remove Nitrogen Dioxide and other pollutants. The Airbubbl is optimally designed for your car and removes more than 95% of NO2 and all other air pollutants including VOCs, that pass through it.


The Airbubbl is light and portable and is easily attached to your car.

The Airbubbl works by drawing polluted air from inside the car cabin into the middle of the unit which houses Airlabs’ proprietary filtration technology and our highly effective particle filter.

Clean air is then released back into the car directly to the breathing path of the driver and all passengers using Airlabs' patented airflow design.

The Airbubbl removes Nitrogen Dioxide, particles, VOCs, bacteria, and odours from inside your car. 

A Driving Necessity

The Airbubbl has been specifically designed to help people who drive around in urban areas as high levels of road traffic and public transport lead to unhealthy levels of pollution inside your car. Anyone who drives in any form of traffic will notice the benefits of an Airbubbl in their car.


The Airbubbl is a highly effective way for parents with young children to reduce their exposure to the adverse health effects of Nitrogen Dioxide and airborne pollution. 


The Airbubbl is a must for asthmatics and children prone to asthma symptoms as it protects from high levels of pollution that cause attacks and short term respiratory difficulties.


The Airbubbl also protects professional drivers who spend hours in traffic and are constantly exposed to high levels of air pollution.

Key Features

The Airbubbl has been developed with science at its core by our team of atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers.


>95% Pollution Removal

The Airbubbl removes over 95% of Nitrogen Dioxide that passes through it using a specially developed and treated patent pending technology.


Cleans Cars Quickly

The Airbubbl is designed to reduce the concentrations of both Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter inside the car cabin. Within 10 minutes the air quality inside your car is improved by over 90% with the Airbubbl.


Removes Key Pollutants

Airlabs Proprietary Tech

The Airbubbl filter is made up of two main components to ensure effective pollution removal. The first is an effective particle filter that removes tiny molecules, and the second is our very own re-engineered nano carbon gas filter which removes high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and other gases.


Optimal Air Delivery

There is no point in just cleaning the air, people need to breathe the cleaner air. The Airbubbl has been designed by specialist airflow engineers who have used advanced computer modelling to ensure clean air is delivered directly to the driver and passengers.

Polluted air (in red) comes in through the air inlets of your car. Using the Airbubbl this polluted air is drawn into the unit, filtered, and then released back to the driver and passengers at breathing height (in blue).

No Ozone

One bi-product of many other commercial purifiers is the creation of another harmful gas called Ozone. This arises from the use of UV light used to remove pollution. The Airbubbl doesn’t use any UV light and therefore no Ozone is created. In addition, the Airbubbl is also able to clean any Ozone that comes into the vehicle. 

How is the Airbubbl Unique?

The Airbubbl is the only effective solution to create a clean air zone specifically in your car.


Real World Technology Testing

The Airbubbl has been rigorously tested in both laboratory and real world conditions.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Airbubbl, a prototype unit was independently tested with Envirotech and their ‘Smogmobile’ – a mobile pollution detection vehicle.


The ‘Smogmobile’ drove around London in October collecting data of conditions outside and inside. It measured pollution levels when the Airbubbl was off and on.


Nitrogen Dioxide levels spiked while sitting in traffic directly before turning the Airbubbl on. Within 3 minutes the Airbubbl reduced NO2 concentrations in the car by 67% and within 10 minutes NO2 was reduced by more than 95%.

Verified by the BBC

The BBC took the Airbubbl on a ride with the Smogmobile and put it to the test!

PLEASE NOTE: The volume of the Airbubbl has been amplified by the microphone on the presenter. Without amplification the Airbubbl produces sounds at between 40-50 DB while on.

Lab and Airflow Testing

The final design of the Airbubbl has taken over 12 months to develop. Our atmospheric chemists in our advanced research lab at the University of Copenhagen have tested the Airbubbl in various environments create the most effective unit possible.


 The video below shows the Airbubbl removing particulate matter in our test chamber.


Danish Design

Although science is at the core of the Airbubbl we wanted to ensure that incorporating Danish design would create a unit that people would be proud to have in their vehicles.

Each iteration of the Airbubbl was first rendered and then 3D printed so we could test its airflow dynamics.

Once tested, the designs were created into blueprints to create more advanced prototypes.


Filter Replacement

The Airbubbl filter is most effective across 800 hours of driving. This means that we recommend changing the filter every 6-12 months depending on amount of driving in traffic (for example: 2 hours of driving per day in a polluted area would require a new filter every 12 months.)

Replacement filters (£50) will be purchasable from the Airbubbl website and Amazon. The filters will be easy to swap in and the old filters can be sent back to us to be recycled.

Built by Airlabs

The Airbubbl has been built by Airlabs, a team of atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers who are dedicated to reducing people's exposure to polluted air. The team, led by Professor Matthew Johnson, are a unique combination of chemists and physicists who understand pollution, how to clean it, and how to deliver clean air effectively.

 Previous Airlabs work includes the Air Bench commissioned by Transport for London, and the anti-pollution bus shelter created with The Body Shop and JCDecaux.


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