The Airbubbl by Airlabs


The Airbubbl by Airlabs


The Airbubbl is the first consumer product from Airlabs, a team dedicated reducing people’s exposure to harmful air pollutants. The Airbubbl draws air in through our proprietary re-engineered nano carbon filter, before effectively delivering clean air to you and your passengers to breathe.

The Airbubbl has been proven to remove over 95% of the key pollutants inside your car within 10 minutes.

For more detailed information please visit our Kickstarter page here: AIRBUBBL DETAILS

Shipping/Delivery: The Airbubbl will be launched in May 2018 with delivery in May/June.

Filter Replacement: he Airbubbl filter is most effective across 800 hours of driving. This means that we recommend changing the filter every 6-12 months depending on amount of driving in traffic (for example: 2 hours of driving per day in a polluted area would require a new filter every 12 months.)

Replacement filters will cost £50 and will be purchasable from the Airbubbl website and Amazon.

RRP: The current price is a direct to consumer discount available until the Airbubbl hits retail shelves. RRP will be £295.

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